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PASKR is Internet format software for bid compilation and project management. It is cutting edge by allowing clients to be involved in determining the final costs, who the team members will be, and executing the paperwork online for their project.

Using PASKR we invite the client to sit with us. Using the BidPlus module, we review each line item cost for the project. Each line item will show the subcontractors quotes and the spread between each bidder. We help identify which phases of work that are critical to the schedule. We provide information to the client on how each subcontractor can be expected to perform. The best-suited subcontractor may not be the lowest bidder. The client participates in deciding if the time required by the low bidder outweighs the cost difference between a subcontractor that can produce the same end product in less time at a different price point. The client can make informed decisions regarding the trade off between time and costs in determining the final contract amount that best fits their needs.

Because PASKR is fully automated on an Internet platform, the paperwork required to keep a project moving can be generated expeditiously. The client can log on from anywhere to the program to review RFI, RFP and execute Change Orders without paper moving from office to office.

PASKR is only one of the techniques we are using to improve efficiencies and minimize the time a client has to spend chasing down paperwork. We invite you to see how we have streamlined construction documentation by using technology.